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bbm release notes:
  • click trackpad vào tên hiển thị trực tuyến hoặc tin nhắn cá nhân để mở màn hình "my profile" .
  • lưu ý rằng với các tin nhắn broadcast xuất hiện màu đen hoặc các đường link broadcast màu tím sẽ được fixed trong phiên bản tiếp theo.

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nếu bạn phát hiện ra những tính năng gì thú vị hãy cùng chia sẻ cho mọi người biết nhé!

welcome to the blackberry messenger 6.2 beta program!

thank you for joining the blackberry messenger 6.2 beta program!​

what's new in blackberry messenger 6.2?

based on your feedback, we've added some new features to bbm!

animated display pictures

more animated display pictures are now built into bbm. change your picture to suit your mood.

change your name or message inline

you can quickly change your name or status message without leaving your contact list by clicking the text at the top of the screen. to exit inline editing, just scroll down. you can still access your profile screen by clicking your display picture.

streamlined voice notes

when your convenience key set to open blackberry messenger, if you highlight a contact in bbm and press the convenience key, you can start recording a voice note. once you're done, pressing the convenience key again will send the voice note.

blackberry tag enhancements

adding contacts has never been easier. if your blackberry smartphone supports nfc technology, you can turn on the allow automatic invitations by tapping option. then, as long as you or someone else has bbm open, you can add each other as contacts by aligning the backs of your smartphones. this feature requires that you both have the latest version of bbm installed on smartphones that support nfc technology. (please note: bbm invite via blackberry tag is only available with os 7.1. nfc is not available on the torch series of 7.x devices: 9810, 9850 or 9860.)

improved search

when typing the name of a contact or group, the search ignores special characters and emoticons to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

resend a message

if a message didn't send (for example, if your smartphone was outside of a wireless coverage area), you can highlight the message and select resend from the menu.

how to provide feedback

post on discussion boards

once you have installed blackberry messenger 6.2, use the application as you normally would. use the discussion boards to discuss, share and troubleshoot information and issues related to the application. openly provide comments and suggestions to us and other beta participants. consider things like: does the application meet your expectations? what are your favourite features? where do you see room for improvement? are there any missing functionalities? voice your opinions! we want to hear your thoughts.

we encourage you to post as many comments as you'd like under the discussion board topics that interest you. additional discussion board posts will be added as discussions progress in order for you to share your thoughts and feedback on blackberry messenger 6.2.

vote on bugs and feature enhancements

did you find a bug in the software? do you have an idea for improving the app? let us know by posting on the bugs and issues discussion board or the feature request discussion board. we'll be keeping an eye on your feedback, and posting it on the current issues and feature requests tabs, where you can vote on which bugs you've experienced, and which new features you would like to see!

your feedback may be shared with the project team and internal stakeholders.

please be sure to check out the where does my feedback go? tab for more info on reporting bugs and feature requests. we ask that all participants follow the blackberry beta zone terms and conditions of use.thank you once again for your interest, and welcome to the blackberry messenger 6.2 beta program! we look forward to hearing what you have to say about the application!


bbm beta team

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